Monday, March 01, 2010


So, although it was a long time ago, my current head of department didn't know much about my media stardom nor about my parenting-evidence blog (as he shouldn't, till I told him about it, as it is not in my name), nor that I used to be a student journalist (well, neither do a lot of people, but I was seriously dithering about being a journo until I discovered it was all about News, booooring, though I got a couple of cool internships out of it and indeed a place on a postgrad journalism course that I rejected). But now he does. And he wants me to be more involved in PR (damn, I shouldn't have opened my big mouth).

There is one problem: our current web designer. Who should not be let loose on a) web design or b) people. Case in point: I asked today for a quick costing for a self-updatable web page. He proceeded to ask me 75 questions I can't answer and come and bother me in my office when I replied with "I can't answer those". The other guy I asked said "we have these pages and they cost X and you can have 5 sub-pages, if you want to do fancy stuff perhaps write in a course on how to write fancy stuff, that what you're looking for?". Bing bang bong. Over and done with.

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Rachel said...

Some computer geeks should really not be out in public. Sigh.