Sunday, February 28, 2010

Nearly done

After Wednesday's session, I forgot to post that it probably isn't our last... sigh. We are to get our Prospective Adopter's Report, which will go to the Panel that will (fingers crossed) approve us, and then have another session to go over that. This all has to be fitted in in the next 3 weeks, during which time I will be in a mid-Atlantic state for a conference for four days, as well (though two of those days are weekend days).

The idea is the SW writes it up, we look at it and decide which parts are outrageous lies, and we compromise (or, if we can't, she writes something she agrees with and we write "we don't agree").

We also asked what kind of questions the panel is likely to ask - probably, she thinks, something about Mr Spouse's age, something about his job situation, and possibly something about the inter-country aspect, especially about how we can support a child from a different country and, potentially, of a different ethnic origin. Mr Spouse has to contribute. He is not bad at that when he knows someone but can be a bit reticent when he does not. But I'm sure we'll cope.

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Secret D said...

It sounds like things are moving forward.