Thursday, March 25, 2010


Today's expenditure (the currency here works out at a multiple of 3 to the £ hence the slightly odd figures):

Chapatti (pre-lunch snack): 12p
Lunch (boiled sweet potatoes and red beans): 83p
Two pairs of earrings (bone, I think - one shaped like elephants and one shaped like giraffes): £1.33
One necklace (rolled up paper beads - there is a handy craft market this week outside the clinic where my student's study is taking place and I suspect more money will be spent there tomorrow): £1
Swimming at hotel nearby: £3.33
"Passion" juice at hotel: £1.67
Ride back up hill to guest house on motorbike taxi: £1 (apparently I was overcharged. Though it does cost less to go down the hill, it is true, as it takes less fuel)
Ironing from yesterday: £1.16

I don't think we'll go broke just yet.

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