Friday, March 05, 2010


I booked the massage for Wednesday, which is the day before I fly to the US, and also when I'll need to pack, but Mr Spouse is going out for dinner with the other "mature" students. So hopefully I'll roll in nice and relaxed and forget all kinds of important things.

I've also booked (and I know you don't care, but I do) an eyebrow wax for tomorrow and a leg wax for a couple of days before I go to tropical climes on the 22nd.

This visit will be to see Flaky Student (the one with the surprise, to me, baby). She has told me this week that she was originally planning to come back from her fieldwork on 1st May - also news to me, as the last I heard she was coming in time for next academic year i.e. September. She also tells me she has changed her registration to part-time while she has been doing her fieldwork. Again, news to me - and news to the registration department, too, as apparently she hasn't. Since she'd need my signature on a form to do that...

I have given her (and CC'd her on-the-ground supervisor) a piece of my mind about keeping me informed and actually listening to my advice.

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