Friday, March 12, 2010


Arriving into my mid-Atlantic airport I had a couple of trains to catch. On the first one I noticed very sharply how poor the area looks. I am really not familiar with this part of the Eastern seaboard and even though there are some run-down areas in SoCal and the NE, none of them are abandoned and covered in trash in the way places are here. It made me feel that, some areas of East London notwithstanding, I actually live in a rich country. One of the adoption agencies we were thinking about using is in this area and one very close and you know, it makes me feel that yes, if this part of the US is not able to pick up its trash, I think perhaps we could give a child a better life.

On the flight I read what was in some ways a really depressing article about Detroit. But bizarrely, the stories of artists moving in made me think, in my jet-lagged state "ooh, it would be a good place to move to and Create Stuff and if we adopted there we'd likely be closer to our children's birth family and they could see them lots...". Don't worry... I'm just jetlagged.

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