Sunday, April 20, 2014

Guess what?

Things have changed. Then they've changed again. Then they've changed again. If you've kept track of that, you'll work out that this week/day/hour, Nella is now saying she'll place the baby with us. There has been a lot more behind the scenes than I've said but I have no energy to tell you all of it.

We, and OHP, are pretty sceptical, but playing along.  Of course we will again be freshly devastated should it not go ahead.  OHP spoke to New Agency who said they'd be the in-state agency, on paper, they don't want much to do with her so OHP will be the support for her.  OHP needed to find out if she was a) still pregnant and b) no longer working with her other agency.  We called Nella and also her dad, who is sane, and her dad said "she's huge" so at least we've got a) answered!

We go to our UK approval panel on Tuesday and if we have b) answered correctly on Monday (a holiday here but not in any of the relevant states) we will be telling our UK SW this too.

Baby Spouse arrived on a date which would be about 3 weeks from now so really, it could be any time now.