Friday, December 21, 2012

Snot fair

So, it's nearly our first Christmas as parents. I'm probably supposed to be getting massively excited and planning present opening and taking photos of Baby Spouse entranced by the Christmas tree.

Instead I am mainly wiping up snot and trying to put away clothes that are too small (but we have no more vacuum clothes bags and the next size are waiting for labels but it's Mr Spouse's turn to do that and HE has the baby's cold too), and also trying to bake cookies and cake (but I ran out of flour and eggs while Mr Spouse was driving home from the supermarket).

And much as I love my readership, I would rather watch trashy films than sit in front of the computer.

So I'm watching Bridesmaids, and this post is brought to you courtesy of my smartphone. Excuse typos.

Saturday, December 15, 2012


I keep waiting for opportunities to tell my mummy friends that we adopted Baby Spouse but to be honest they just don't present themselves. So far, four friends who I see a lot of know, as well as our neighbour whose little boy goes to swimming with us - so I told a new friend in the same class as it was just us three and our babies in the changing room. But none of the other swimming friends know, and none of the others from other baby groups (unless they have been told by other people), and the nursery staff know if they have read his information, but otherwise they don't. It's been a while now that I know these people so I feel a little odd they don't know.

In other news, we are doing OK. Mr Spouse - did I mention he got a distinction in his Masters course - has a new job but the HR department where he will be working is just as useless as my own employer's HR department (who sent my first two, incorrect, part time contracts to my office while I was on leave, and the third one was also incorrect, so I still don't have one). So we aren't holding our breath on a start date, but he is enjoying spending some time at home with Baby Spouse. We are also thinking we'll book our summer holidays quickly (usually here, even if you haven't got enough holiday time in your contract, they don't stop you from taking pre-booked holidays, you just might have to take the time unpaid).  

We are making low key plans for Christmas, my family as usual are inserting a lot of drama, but whatever.  Baby Spouse is a little behind most of my friends' children in some of the things he does, and I'm trying really hard not to let it worry me, as I know he's not grossly delayed in anything, and I'm only comparing him to about 5 babies. But it's hard not to when you know there are reasons he could be delayed. I only have two more working days before Christmas, and I'm quite happy about that!