Thursday, March 25, 2010

Consider myself duly told

I cannot link to this in the title as I am blogging by email, and neither can I comment as Wordpress is blocked and I don't know of a way to comment by email (anyone?) but hopefully this link will alert the blogger in question.

I suspect that after panel will be a good time to ditch the rotten prophylactics - so the minute I get home will be the right time to start up with the folic acid again I think.

Thinking of you, g.


Anonymous said...

This post by Geode also gave me a wake-up call, given that I had just discovered a pregnancy, and had ben folate-less for some years.

And I see I never went back to comment on it either. Mea Culpa.

So sorry, G.

Geohde said...

Thank you. Wordpress caught up with the link and I really appreciate the thoughts,