Thursday, March 04, 2010


In my watching-less-TV Lent I am finding quite a few sewing projects are getting done. I've just unearthed some pieces from what I suspect was going to be a double bed quilt. I started making it before I met Mr Spouse, I think, and it's not really to his taste, nor does it go with our current rather understated bedroom - as an aside, we recently repainted in an eau-de-nil greeny colour and we have this:

as a feature wall and our curtains.

Anyway, this quilt was going to be in brights, with some animal prints. It's even possible I was making it for my niece. So, I've decided to get going on a cot-sized version for the impending baby of my best woman/ICSI couple (no, I don't call them that to their face but you know who I mean).

So... given I have far too much fabric cut out, I'm dithering whether to make one for us as well. I mean, for our baby.


hairyfarmerfamily said...


DrSpouse said...

Was that ambiguous? I mean the one who we may or may not be adopting, and for whom we aren't supposed to be preparing a room yet.

nutsinmay said...

Heh. I have a baby-shawl, a fine lace one, in a bag under the bed. I have knitted everything except the edging. I cannot make myself do the edging while sat here in Uncertainty Land.

Fingers very crossed indeed that you need the putative quilt pretty soon.

Thalia said...

Yes, you will need it, and you will get to watch it get old and loved and frayed. And it will be wonderful.