Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Is it worse...

to flirt with someone when your spouse is there or when their spouse is present? Or both?

This has nothing to do with fertility or adoption but it's not something I want to blog about on my other blog. We went to a great, but quite small, New Year's party, with a fancy dress theme, where we knew four of the people there and there were 6 others we didn't know, three single men (that we already knew one of), one single woman (who we already knew) and the rest couples. Everyone else already knew each other and to some extent it felt like those parties that you go to when you are single and you feel you need to make an effort and schmooze everyone in the room – I haven’t been to one of those in a while.

One guy, however, seemed to want to flirt with all the women. I may be imagining it, but he particularly seemed to want to flirt with me. But his (very attractive and sexily dressed, in a fun kind of way – this was fancy dress remember) wife was also there. As was my (rather under the weather due to a cold and not his usual dryly humorous self) husband. Comments, rather than touching, though he was the only person I’m not married to to try to kiss me at midnight, and he dived in first. I noticed he was doing it to L, our single female friend, to some extent too, but I still felt a bit targeted. Perhaps just because he hadn’t met me before.

In other news, you can catch me in January’s Redbook (US) – a very small, and probably completely misreported (I’ve received it but not read it very closely) segment in the Parenting section.


DD said...

Hmmm. Sounds vaguely similar to my clinic waiting room experience, except without the kissing attempt...or talking...or fancy clothes. Ok. Not so similar.

Did your husband notice the flirting in his state?

geepeemum said...

Hello. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for commenting on my blog. Can you hang around to answer my other developmental questions??! Having just discovered you, I've now read all your archives (yes, busy day today at work...); I really hope things work out for you. I know I can only give you 2nd hand stuff ont he adoption but I'm happy to give you that as long as it's useful! (And I know what you mean re adoptive parents sometimes attributing everything to the fact of the adoption. M and S have read so many books, even though they don't know huge amounts about "normal" development, and I'm really worried that they'll go down that road - seems to be a common social worker theory too - and I'm sure it's not helpful for the child. It seems like they are either excused or accused for being adopted a lot of the time when just a dose of normality might help.