Saturday, January 20, 2007

Panic panic

For some reason - and I really cannot put my finger on it - I am feeling less pregnant. My breasts still hurt, I still want to pee a lot, I am still getting the occasional, non-painful cramp, and I am still tired. Perhaps I'm just a bit less tired or the cramps are a bit less frequent but I did have some fairly stewed tea this afternoon and the cramps had already been easing off for a few days.

So, stupidly, I came home this afternoon after 2 pots of tea and only 1 visit to the loo and did another digital test. Not pregnant. The stick itself still has a second line which is only slightly more faint than the one from last weekend but not surprisingly, I am panicking. If I am going to bleed, I want to do it before Monday as we said we'd call the agency and cancel the preparation course then if I was still pregnant.

We were going to go out for a curry with friends tonight and Mr. Spouse is trying to persuade me to go but I'm not sure; however I am doing as instructed and having a lie down (which I do need) and reading a book and seeing how I feel. Currently that alternates between resigned and panicky.


Anonymous said...

Oh damn. I know this is not a good sign when the test reverts but you DID drink a lot of tea - the whole dilution of your urine thing is really true. How about going for a few hours without drinking vast quantities of liquid and try another HPT?
Also, don't you just need to decide not to cancel the preparation course until you know more about this one? That should at least reduce some of the stress (not much but at this stage I'd take any reduction).

DD said...

I completely agree with DinoD. And, frankly, digital tests are the devil's work.

Thalia said...

Oh sweetie, this is awful. I can only imagien how stressed you are. Agree with the other 2, give it another 12 hours and see what happens. And don't cancel the course yet, you are also very set on adoption, there is nothing wrong with still being on the list for the course.