Sunday, January 14, 2007


That was Mr. Spouse's response when I showed him the (digital, done in the evening, no doubt there whatsoever, definitely positive) test just now. He agreed that if it ends within a week, like last time, we will probably be OK to go to the adoption course, and I also suggested I might consider using contraception if we do that and are in the middle of the adoption approval process - as it will take about 6 months, and we do now have more confidence in the getting pregnant process. I am not sure this will be what happens, though, as I am fairly sure my hormone levels are higher than they were this time in the last one, in which I had a negative test and full-on bleeding at 5w. I will ring the nurse at the RPL clinic in the morning. I'm not sure if they'll do blood tests this week, or wait till next to do a scan.

We are feeling quite down however as the news from my friend who is going to be 40 four days before me, has 2 under-5s, and stomach cancer, is not good. What do you write in someone's card if you are not sure they'll even get to their birthday, let alone see another one?


Thalia said...

aargh indeed. A little tiny c-word for you. Hoping that this one is going to stick in for the long term.

perceval said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! I also hope that you can get a 9 or 10 week scan in addition to a 12-week one. I remember the difference this made to me: a lot of the fear and panic and "it'll all end in tears" and "this is not happening" and "omg I don't deserve this baby because I had something sweet and I am supposed to be eat Very Nutritiously" was allayed by our 9-week scan. I was still nervous before the 12-week one, but not as nervous.

Re your friend, that's awful news. I hope God can help her bear what has to be borne; I don't really believe in intercessory prayer in these circumstances.