Wednesday, January 17, 2007

To answer a few questions...

No news, as they say... I'm now further along than no. 2 and the state of the boobage as well as my furnace- like nighttime temperature suggest the end, at least, is not about to come due to plummeting progesterone. I'm currently sitting on the bus on my way home to lie under the duvet - didn't sleep well last night, and one of the secretaries told me I was looking really unwell this morning.

When I had an empty sac on a 10 week ultrasound with no 1, they offered to whip it out straight away - which I guess is why I think the same could happen this time. If they saw no sac, probably they would, but I don't know - I'd rather take the bag and be prepared, I think.

Still not meaning to get at perceval, but although I do know the management of RPL is very different to regular, even post-infertility, pregnancy, I really don't want to think or talk about anything after 6 weeks right now. Even that feels presumptuous.


Anonymous said...

Aha - it's nice to know that what I have been going through must be normal after RPL.
And you know I understand the need for frequent scans - I have now gone about 2 weeks without one and 1 week since a doppler and I am convinced that once again, it is all over.
Can you spell s-t-r-e-s-s? Sometimes I think it oozes from my pores right now.
Hang in there.

DD said...

Even w/o RPL, a pregnancy following any length of a pregnancy, whether 5, 15 or 35 wks, subsequent pregnancies lose all of their wonderment pretty much.

We don't get to count weeks, or more laughable, months or trimesters. We count day by day.

perceval said...

Don't worry - if I'm not being helpful, just rant and I'll shut up. I remember how sensitive I was to assvice, even if I knew it was entirely well-meant.

What's the kind of support you're looking for from us in the blogosphere?

Thinking of you and The Spouse!