Sunday, January 21, 2007


I woke at 6 a.m. to red blood and cramps. The blood, up to now (6 hours later) has continued but not been very heavy, mainly mucous-y and without clots (this confuses me, as if the mucous is from my cervix, then presumably my cervix is open, in which case why not more blood, and clots?), and the cramps, which intensified over a couple of hours to the point where I wished for ibuprofen (and took paracetemol) have also eased off, and although they did, it now just feels a little sore, and only a little like a period. So far neither the total blood nor the rate of flow are enough to be sure this is the end, so unless it gets heavier I'm in for a couple of days on the sofa counting total number of towels used, I suppose. If I was clever I could check my cervix but I'm not, and it's awkward to find anyway.

Will ring the hospital (but not the agency, I don't think) in the morning. Not sure if they'll want us to go in earlier or just wait till Friday. I don't think I'll be going into work for another couple of days. Fortunately I put a damage-limitation approach to work in operation for the first few weeks of term, as they are, as it turns out, the busiest of the year for me, so I've been refusing everything extraneous anyway.


Jonathan Beckett said...

Just found my way here via the comment to my blog... you sound remarkably calm about everything (or is this at the end of several days blind panic?)

I'm sure you've read a lot about our history in the blog so I wont go back over it here - just wanted to let you know that we can identify with where you are...

perceval said...

(((Katie & Mr Spouse)))