Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Sofa bound

30 hours of heavy bleeding and about 12 of lighter bleeding later, 5 episodes of Gilmore Girls and 4 of Judging Amy, I still feel tired (though heavy bleeding will do that to you), but there are no more cramps and the boobs are significantly less sore. I am slightly wondering if there is a little "tissue" left but I am pretty sure the hormone levels are back to zero.

I've told work I'll probably work from home on Thursday but be off till then. I feel like a bit of a fraud as physically I am not too bad - the bleeding was a bit less protracted this time - but there is no way I can stand up in front of a lecture theatre full of students without breaking down, especially if I do the planned class on prenatal brain development. This year's cohort are just going to have to remain ignorant on that count.

PS to Thalia: yes, I am under the care of the RPL clinic, but as they can't find anything wrong with me this care is repeated scans starting at 6 weeks - which is too late if you miscarry at 5+2. Don't know if this will change in any subsequent pregnancy, or if they have any other answers - we at least have a few questions - and the appointment on Friday is at the consultant's clinic, which means we'll see him, or one of his entourage, and get to ask those questions.


Thalia said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry. I'm glad the bleeding's over but it's just so rotten that this happened agai.

I can't do judging amy any more, I'm never sure where they are in the overall story and I get confused about continuity.

I thought you were under the care of the RPL group. Didn't they do ANYTHING?

DD said...

If I thought it would help, I would tell you I'm very sorry. If I thought it would help, I would send you virtual hugs.

I'm so sorry. HUGS.

Because I know that in some little way, it does help.

Anonymous said...

Hi - I tried to comment yesterday but it looks like Blogger ate my words. I'm so sorry this is happening. I hope you are getting the support you need from family and friends (though they can miss the mark even when they are trying their best, as I know from my own experience). Thinking of you.

Carrie P

perceval said...

I'm so sorry.

(((you + Spouse)))

swisschard said...

My comment, my condolence, was also swallowed by Blogger.
So I'll repeat, that I have been sad to read of your miscarriage. Not more so, but more empathetically so, because I am also going through another miscarriage, and recognize some of my own conflicted misery in your experience. As a Rationalist (as I fear I am, and see you as), I know that a blighted cell mass and early miscarriage does not a baby make. And yet that doesn't diminsh the poignancy. There was potential, and our capacity to hope is strangely not dimished by reason.
I am sorry for the loss. Gilmore Girls is poor consolation.

e said...

I'm glad you're a Judging Amy and Gilmore Girls fan too. Shame they can't be easily got in the UK.

Again, very sorry you had to endure the disappointment again.