Friday, February 19, 2010


The Beauty Bible people clearly know it is my birthday and that I am OLD as my very very nice package from them arrived this morning. I will have to stop myself from trying them all at once (partly as I have a slight tendency to sensitive skin and it would kind of help to know which product was causing it if I have a problem!).

Mr Spouse also came up trumps with a voucher for a massage and a really thoughful choice of book and DVD - I've been enjoying Hustle series 2 which has been on so he got hold of series 1, plus a new Garrison Keillor book I hadn't heard about.

This sounds terribly mercenary I know, but family were a bit on the FAIL side, my brother knows how I think at least and got me a highly amusing toy/ornament which I have been forbidden from taking to the restaurant/bar where we are spending this evening (I may have to smuggle it out with me...)... Father forgot and emailed me apologetically in the afternoon and mother for some bizarre reason came up with a couple of small bits including some bookplates - which I strongly suspect she also gave me for my 8th birthday.

I know it sounds a bit sad and grabbing but I think the real issue is that my mother and I are on different pages as far as gifts go. I really want to have something to open as a gift, preferably something I did not have to organise, though it can be something I chose, or not, I'm easy either way. And I did get that. But my mother wants to give gifts that are preferably very cheap, but that she does not have to organise. I asked for, and got, a lovely pair of boots for Christmas, and I did need to try them on, so that part was fine. But she insisted I pay for them and she reimburse me, I have no idea why, I just felt that I would rather she organise it. My father asked me what I wanted, I sent him details, he bought and wrapped it.
So for my birthday when she asked me what I wanted, and I asked if she would sort out getting my pearls restrung (bought in SE Asia, though I am fairly sure they are real!) - but she would not organise it, only pay for it if I organised it. So I said not to bother, I just wanted something I didn't have to sort out myself. Which I got, and now am sulking like said 8-year-old.

How do you feel about gifts you have to choose? What about ones you have to organise and pay for?


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Chuck!

John buys my presents - assuming he gets me anything at all - on the eve of the day itself. When I look expectant at breakfast he produces a carrier bag. He can't figure out why I get sniffy because it isn't wrapped, and the glue is sodden on my birthday card!

Rachel said...

Happy B-day.

I'm a freak because I just hate presents in general. I don't like getting them and I'm not the hugest fan of giving them. On rare occasions they're just the right thing, but usually it's just a bunch of crap you don't want.

I do sometimes like to knit things for people I love. I made gloves and hats and bags for people. Those are my favorite gifts to give.

My husband LOVES presents. It's a point of contention in our marriage.

At least I did good for his most recent birthday.

Anonymous said...

Many happy returns!

My family are a random collection of the WIN and the FAIL on birthdays. It astonishes me how upset I get every year when nearly all my many siblings forget.

I do so, so like surprises. And I HATE LIKE POISON presents I have to sort out, and buy, and organise, and then get a refund for. It makes me feel like I'm not worth a little hassle, and I stamp my little princess feet. So hugs.

Thalia said...

Oh the present thing. Drives me bananas. I am a very thoughtful present giver, spend as much as it takes to get the right thing for the right person. And almost no one does the same for me. I hate it. But I've given up hoping at this point.