Monday, February 22, 2010


I will admit to being a bit, no, a lot, of a TV addict. It is doing me good, this rationing. I managed to watch just one episode of Glee today and then switch it off and talk to Mr Spouse.

He's finding his course a bit challenging at the moment - in a very recognisable mature-student-challenging way. What this means is he is not quite sure if he has done enough work, or that he is going to do OK on his assignments, and then gets firsts for all of them. He also panics about his exams, and tests, and so far has got firsts on all of those too. I have seen this many times before with keen mature students who a) have the savvy to actually, you know, organise themselves and b) are bright anyway. But telling him he is not unique is not what he wants to hear right now!

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