Monday, January 02, 2012

Open Adoption Roundtable #33

This Roundtable asks

"What did you learn about open adoption in 2011?"

A couple of things immediately spring to mind:

1: It is possible to be too open - I had a very early lesson in how even seemingly innocuous information can be misinterpreted.

2: as a follow on to 1: it's never wrong to be cautious. I have been practising, and using, the phrase "that's not really our information to share".

However the last couple of weeks, with my new role of "listening ear" to N, has taught me also that Mr Spouse is even more on the same page as me regarding openness. We are both comfortable drawing parallels between this new family relationship, and existing relationships, and they are the same parallels - and having those parallels also makes the relationship less scary.

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