Sunday, January 08, 2012


I had a rotten cold the day we flew and was left with very painful sinuses and I still have a horrendous cough.  The NICU has a large sign saying DON'T visit with a cough and I was initially worried they would make me wear a mask but I have been scrubbing as instructed for three minutes on entering the unit and trying to cough away from the baby.  

But this cough is getting very very old.  We had a very long day yesterday - decent sleep between feeds and only up for 8am feed but then driving about 5 hours plus multiple stops, with my nerves a bit frazzled because Baby Spouse is so quiet, and then on to the foster carer's, arriving very late and starting with a feed, then chatting to the foster carer and her family.  By the time I was able to get to bed, I was gasping for breath and suffering other unfortunate side effects.  

I'm feeling a bit better this  morning - I could do with a little more sleep, but we do have a few nights without Baby Spouse (not that he is really much bother!).  I am wondering about going to the urgent care but, although Baby Spouse has 30 days Medicaid, and we do have travel insurance, it could be expensive. I can't work out how much of this is because of lack of sleep and a punishing schedule, and stress, and how much is something I should be worried about.
In other news, today we will probably go and have a look at a condo we might stay in for a couple of weeks (or longer - basically till we go home, apart from visits to Hospital City), and meet up with my very very old friend who lives in SLA-ville. Oh, and visit Baby Spouse at his new temporary home.  By the time he gets home, he'll be the best travelled newborn around.


Thalia said...

Sounds yucky, I hope you feel better soon.

Why is baby spouse going to a foster carer? Why can't you guys take him?

Anonymous said...

Oh God, everyone I meet is sounding like a tubercular badger. Begone, germs! This is Dr Spouse's special time!

Anonymous said...

Have just happily selected your NEW! BABY! card. Can't wait to hear you're on your way home so I can despatch!

Rachel said...

Is there any way to see a picture? Glad things are going well. Sorry you're so sick. Want more info!! Pictures?!?