Tuesday, January 10, 2012

State of play

Baby Spouse: still at foster carer's (it's a Hague thing), but FC is lovely and very lovely as well and in addition extremely lovely, and lets us hang out with him and annoy her all the time, and also lets us ask stupid questions. He had a heelstick today and did not make more than a teeny squeak (though he was off his milk for the next two feeds, and we don't know past that).

Us: we moved into a rental apartment today, which is a bit of a relief.  My throat and cough are still hellish, so I dined on ice cream, and had to get Mr Spouse to do all the phone calls today. If it's no better by Weds I'll be off to Urgent Care.

Paperwork: we got our side of the Hague paperwork sent in-country, next it has to be completed by OHP, sent to the UK, sent to our UK SW, and she has a phone conversation with us (have you seen the baby? do you like him? do you want to keep him?) and then we all the info goes back down the chain and we get custody. Astonishingly this seems to be taking about a week.

Birth family: N still calling frequently, but in a good way.  I don't mind at all being a listening ear but both she and I have very poor cell reception so it can be a bit frustrating.  We're trying to reassure her re. contact but it's hard to get us, NLA, and her on the same page. We're going to be making some notes about what we might suggest, and talking to the SW here.
Birth father issues still not solved, but probably closer to being solved - though the steps to solve them are a bit nerve-wracking. It's that document we have to sign that says "At Risk Placement" that's a bit scary. 

Annoying things: the fact that the only person at work who's asked the department secretary to email me is someone with some perfectly solveable paperwork issues that I didn't have time to do, rather than anyone with questions that they can't solve themselves. My throat. My cough. Did I mention my throat?

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Claudia said...

oh, really glad to hear that the foster carer is nice! That's really great.

So sorry that the illness is persisting; that's a major drag. I say do all that you can NOW to take care ofyourself - once baby spouse is with you, it will be almost impossible to take care of both him and yourself (I was really sick when we took custody of our kids, so I know the feeling! I htink a lot of people are unwell at that point - lots of stress, hardly any sleep and new international germs).

Hope you're feeling better SOON!