Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Not Impressed Of The Day

We bought a Moby wrap (after trying a couple of other ones at the foster carer's - they are just too big for our weeny baby, though did I say, I think I forgot, that either he regained his birth weight or (more likely I think) he had a very very wet nappy when weighed yesterday. But he put on some weight, anyway). Took it over the foster carer's and tried it out on Mr Spouse, when the FC's daughter said "I smell something funny". No, we all said, nothing funny, but then we realised - the wrap had been used. By someone who smoked. And it did indeed stink.  

Not only that, but the big box store claimed they "never resell things" when I took it back.

In other news, Baby Spouse may possibly have learned to cry, we gave him a bath tonight and his grizzling could be heard downstairs.  This will reassure my mother who was panicking on the phone that there must be something wrong with him if he isn't crying (the doctors aren't worried so we aren't!).  My mother also wanted to Skype with him which, frankly, is  not going to happen any time until he can set it up himself. I hate Skype - she loves it and uses it all the time with my nieces - once we used it when she was with us, and I could not tell which of my nieces (then aged 3 and 6, I think) I was talking to, the picture was so bad. I told her there was no point as he does not look different in a still picture than in live action as he is so placid.


Anonymous said...

I once bought a rug from Laura Ashley - the ONLY rug I have EVER bought from Laura Ashley - and when I unrolled it, there was an unmistakeable tea-stain in the middle. It was tagged shut, and they blatantly didn't believe me when I took it back.

Crying thing: completely normal. The 'fat farm' (final phase of SCBU) was almost completely silent. Harry didn't make much of a sound until the day before he was discharged: it was the first time I heard him actually *cry*. That was 38 weeks, so about the same as baby spouse. He made up for it by 40 weeks...

Bernardeena said...

Urgh I hate smoke smell near babies. Enjoy your Moby when you get an actual new one. I loved mine for carrying babies.