Saturday, January 07, 2012


Baby Spouse is incredibly quiet, and we have to keep checking he is breathing - he doesn't cry when he's hungry, which does mean we have to make sure we stick to a schedule, and check how much/long he feeds for. He does squeak occasionally and he sounds like one of those toys you give dogs.

I'm happy to say he passed his car seat test with flying colours (he seemed to be healthier in the car seat, than in the higher dependency room he went into first in the NICU... it is very weird as he was 36+6 so only just preemie, and he's a respectable weight (over 6lb still, put on an ounce yesterday), so he's huge compared to even some of the older/healthier babies in the low dependency room, but he's swimming in all the newborn stuff. It helps though that we can put his tops on from the bottom up as they are so big. As I say he doesn't cry but he wriggles madly if he's unhappy, which is a bit awkward when trying to change him.

We're just waiting to see if we're being discharged, but as everything went well I think that's fairly likely. We'll head for the foster carer's then, and find a motel for ourselves nearby. More shopping is on the horizon too... there are quite a few odd things we forgot in our haste, and poor Baby Spouse has almost no clothes. I think they are going to send us away with quite a few supplies though. 

Yesterday N asked us to pick us up early-ish, then she was going to get a ride, then she wanted a ride at 11, then she wanted one at 2, and eventually she decided not to come at all. She knows we are moving on to SLA-town later today, and says she'll just see us when we come back to Hospital-town.  I think her dad does want to see us, possibly her mother too, and I'm not sure if she's just having Drama type issues, or if she is taking a break for her own sanity (and if so, how long that will last).  I am hoping we'll see her again when we come back to Hospital-town, but even if we don't, we got some cute photos for Baby Spouse's life story book, with her, us, and him.

I may be a bit paranoid, but I was kind of hoping to avoid revealing my last name (Mr Spouse's last name is dead common but mine is not) but the hospital told her (or the SW did, not sure which). I am 100% Googleable and anyone can find my work address/email but I am ex-directory and have stepped up the privacy on FB too. Part of the recent Drama involved a nasty ex and though I really don't think anyone will be chasing us down across an ocean, it's just one of those things.


Caro said...

Been totally out of the blogging loop recently but just wanted to say congrats!

MsPrufrock said...

This is what I get for assuming that Facebook is the best resource for bloggers' news. I really should know better, as it's not as if I am overly personal on FB myself. So, belated congratulations! What a wonderfully exciting time.

Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

Oh good, good, sounds like he's coming along. Yay and phew.