Monday, January 18, 2010

You know...

I'm getting the hang of this not posting anything about fertility, miscarriage, or adoption lark.

I imagine I will write something again at some point but today I'm going to write about makeup.

I am absolutely rubbish at makeup. I just feel overwhelmed with the idea of what to wear, how to put it on, and having to cart it around all day to reapply. I have however recently been given permission not to reapply in the daytime and some tips on what might suit me.

So... for the first time ever I let someone today in a well known very pricey department store in a well known Northern city actually put makeup on me. That is the only time anyone has ever done that, except perhaps my mum, and on my wedding day. And the woman who put it on did not look totally orange. And neither did I when I'd finished.

I think I should go and lie down now.

(my back is a lot better, but the painkillers are helping too. We have five kinds in the house, two prescribed for me, two for Mr Spouse, as well as paracetamol (and not counting GIN). We actually have no ibuprofen. I've taken two at least of each of them over the last 24 hours. But no GIN).

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