Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year

A huge cheat as I am actually writing this on Sunday but using Blogger's handy backdating feature.

I have decided for a change to make some New Year's resolutions - if I do make them normally, it is on my birthday in February. They are mainly of the self-improvement variety.

I'm hoping to do more exercise (we actually joined the gym in December, which is not normally my preferred locale for exercise, as I prefer the great, and free, outdoors, but Mr Spouse likes the gym, and a gym buddy is what I need).

I'm also hoping to read more and hence watch less TV. My first step is to try and read a little while warming up my shoulder for exercise (the exercises have been a big TV inducement - I have 10-15 mins of warming followed by the same of exercise, at least 3 times a day). I have a huge pile of novels and am not ashamed to top it up with chick lit and other easy reads - I didn't say I was going to read more quality.

I'm also hoping to read a bit more spiritual/religious stuff - just daily readings kind of thing - I'm reading some Henri Nouwen at the moment who is a long time love of mine. Again nothing requiring brain.

And finally I'm hoping to blog more. I am foolishly going to attempt to blog 365 times (note I didn't say every day!) but will be making liberal use of twitter-length posts (can you automatically feed twitter onto blogger?) and probably email posting too. I know I post on Facebook almost every day so should manage something here, you think? A lot more on general life and less soul searching, which may or may not be to everyone's taste.

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