Tuesday, January 19, 2010

One track mind? me?

I have no desire to watch most of the current or previous crop of vampire movies (or read the books) but I really enjoy Being Human. It's an everyday story of a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost who settle down to share a house in Bristol; two of them work in the local hospital as a cleaner and a porter and the third serves behind the bar in the local pub.

Of course various relationships ensue and the werewolf (well, the original werewolf - there is now another, if you are going to watch this series I won't spoil it for you) has a steady girlfriend, but in his wild lunar moments has a quick fling, the vampire being more or less permanently flitting from one Goth girl to another. The ghost also finds herself what she thinks is a nice young man, which is a cue for the werewolf (who is sensible today) sitting her down for a Friendly Chat about Being Careful.

So now I'm wondering: Vampires, presumably, being undead and all that don't need contraception, though turning people into vampires is pretty much the ultimate STD; but what about the werewolves? Is the werewolf running around creating lots of baby half-wolves in his mad moments, or are werewolves also infertile?

The ghost, as she points out, is "much too old and much too dead to need contraception". Although her back story turns out to include a really evil ex, she does mourn the fact that she is still stuck in the house that she was hoping would be the house she and he raised a family in, and now she'll never have kids.

But they still have Noddy wallpaper.


Secret D said...

I also love Being Human.

I hadn't noticed the Noddy wallpaper!

Caro said...

Ooo has a new series started? I just watched the first series.

DrSpouse said...

Series 3, I think, now.