Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I was going to write about our social work visit today. Except, for some bizarre reason, I had put a non-existent visit in the diary.

Anyway, what have I done that's interesting?
Nothing much.
I worked from home (because I thought the SW was coming) and went for a run just as it was getting dark (which wasn't a problem except I don't like to use my ipod in the dark - by the way - running ipod music PLEASE!) on the slush (which made it slightly tricky in places), my first outdoor run since about November and my first proper exercise since mid-December. I can't remember if I've said Mr Spouse and I have joined the gym at work - as he is a student we get a base membership pretty cheaply, and classes are £1.70 - I went to Pilates yesterday and managed most of it with my arm only protesting slightly at some over the head stretches. Using the "machines" is only £2.20 now I am Spouse Of Student!

Right - most important thing today. Go and give May a hug.

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nutsinmay said...

Running in the slush? I'm impressed.

Thank you for the hug.