Friday, February 02, 2007

I'm not dead yet

Another week, another plan. I at least survived this week, with only one major meltdown, which not surprisingly was after my Very Long Day (I'm an academic, bear with me on this one) which started with leaving the house at 8.15 (yes, I know, and Mr. Spouse catches the 7.14 every morning, I don't know I'm born) in order to find a parking space to give a 9.00 lecture (to about 300 students - you try being animated at that time in the morning - and if I'm boring they all snore) followed by a regular day's work and a 2 hour class of 10-ish (depending on how many turn up) from 3-5 (you actually have to be MORE animated in those but you can at least give them things to do while you drink your tea) followed by, some weeks, a couple more hours work, but this week by going home, stupidly doing another test (negative of course - tiredness is now officially not hormone-induced) and then heading back for choir practice till 9.30-ish, then getting home after having to give a friend a lift and therefore hold it together in the car, followed, as I say, by meltdown.

So, we say thankyou for Mr. Spouse, who says he feels guilty that he isn't as sad as me. I told him if he was pleased or relieved I'd thump him, but he is allowed not to feel as sad as me.

Tonight, to take our minds off the fact that we should be at our preparation course, we're having a night away at a "restaurant with rooms". We like that kind of thing.

This week, we are trying to work full time, do a bit more exercise (gentle running, cycling to work) and be more assiduous on the food diary, as well as read up on (and, harder, persuade Mr. Spouse to read up on) PGD. This from the couple that said "no IVF, thanks".

We heard this week from some friends who confessed they were seeking assistance to conceive, and I'm wondering (counting on my fingers) whether another couple we know should be going to the doctor's now, or whether to gently nudge them to do so (and if so, how - last time I talked to her, she was very complacent, and it's been a year since she told me they'd started trying - we're seeing them in a few weeks so perhaps there will be a Happy Announcement).

Gotta dash - should have packed half an hour ago!


Susie said...

Take care of yourself. If you need to skip choir practice after a long day like that, they'll get over it. Glad to hear you are exercising and taking some time out for a nice evening out with Mr. S. Hope you'll be feeling better soon.

Thalia said...

Glad to hear you're coping ok, I do hope the restaurant with rooms is a good evening, an example of you really looking after yourselves.

Re the friends, if they are good friends i think it's worth a nudge. They may not hear you, but it's worth doing. One of my friends did it to me after 8 months, and I'm bloody grateful she did.

perceval said...

Take good care of yourself! It sounds like you're making the most of your childfree time and treating yourself.

Tinker said...

I've recommended a cousin of my husband get an RE appointment as soon as she can. It meant coming out to her about our infertility (which my husband absolutely doesn't want), but in order to save her much more ttc agony and a long route to the RE, I did it. I think she respects that and has taken my advice.

All that to say, yes, do encourage your friends. And do take care of yourself too!