Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Not funny

It is really far too soon for me, but my body has decided this cycle is in its second half and has presented me with all the post-ovulation symptoms – extremely sore boobs, especially when I take my bra off at night, some mild cramps and (sorry) a fair bit of discharge. It does seem as if these have started even earlier than they normally would in a cycle, with a few twinges returning about 10 days after I started bleeding, but I wonder if this is one reason why some people get that post-miscarriage fertility surge – they still have a bit of progesterone hanging around from the pregnancy. No fertility for me, though, as that would require having had that sex thing at the right time that really, if you’ve just miscarried, you don’t feel like.

I had another low day yesterday (unfortunately if I want to sing in the concert, I really do need to go to choir – but yesterday was my last 9am fully animated lecture) so that doesn’t help either. A new choir member turns out to live round the corner from us and have a baby who is the same age the first (first what? baby? pregnancy? dunno) would have been.

So, would anyone who is pregnant and doesn’t feel it like some of these symptoms? I’m happy to offload them.

Incidentally if you are in that group and I’m normally a commenter on your blog (this applies to at least a couple of people – Thalia, Inhospitable) then I am still reading, gingerly, and still cheering you on but not really able to comment at this time. For some reason I don’t seem to find it quite so hard to read baby blogs (though there’s one I’m thinking of deleting from my Bloglines as it’s pretty smug) or even later pregnancy blogs (though in person these people are also hard to cope with), but with someone who’s just ahead of me it’s harder. I guess later pregnancy and birth are just fantasies – late first trimester is somewhere I thought I had reached safely, but really never did.


DD said...

I had such a hard time when so many got pregnant just as I was miscarrying Wolf. I've slowly been able to go back to them, but I have to admit those who offered no support were not added back to my bloglines.

If they weren't our own bodies, we'd have to take them out and kick our asses.

Anonymous said...

I have an especially hard time reading the stories of those who conceived between the time of my own up to the time I miscarried. Once we hit June/July/August/September I'm bound to be a complete mess with any birth announcements.

While I understand that fertility is good post-miscarriage, I also read lots of recommendations to not try that cycle. The lack of desire to try is, I think, common to most of us.

Thalia said...

Dr S I completely understand (and tell me if you'd rather I didn't comment either). I have had a very hard time in the past with those who conceived the same time as me, although eventually I've been able to return. But you need to do right now whatever works for you, we totally understand, and thank you for your remote support.