Tuesday, February 20, 2007

So far, not bad

Being old, that is. I had a lovely weekend away with 6 friends and us in a historic house (from the Landmark Trust), and then on Sunday large quantities of family came round to visit, see the house, and eat buffet platters ordered from Waitrose. Officially they were not all in the house at the same time (the house people are a bit fussy about that - it is annoying, because if there are 10 of you you can only have 2 extra guests, whereas if there are 2 of you you can still have 2 extra guests). These are the friends I was blogging about a while back - two infertile couples and us, with our RPL friends coming on Sunday.

There was also a new friend from where we live now, and an old friend from the last place I lived but about five, who has since been first my flatmate and then went out with my cousin for over 2 years: he, although not a bad chap really, probably needs to realise that 38 is not too young to settle down. In cousin-versus-friend, she wins.

One couple are my absolute bestest friends (she's a primary school teacher, they have just been referred to a gynae) but the others (she works in children's TV) are more Mr. Spouse's friends, and are slightly more conservative than us, though very sweet, total bricks, and were really great when the house was invaded by the hordes of relatives, including five children. They are the ones who are going for "treatment" (we haven't asked what); when we were choosing food at the restaurant on Saturday night (example of their brickness: she is very unfond of fish, I had chosen a fish restaurant, but checked alternatives were on the menu, without realising she couldn't stand the smell either. In the event the smell wasn't too bad, but it was noticeable. She just kept quiet and slipped away early. Like I say, a brick.) she said "oh, no blue cheese either".

I thought she meant she had an allergy to that too, but no, she's been "eating as if pregnant" for two weeks out of four for the last two years. My mind boggled. But perhaps everyone else does that too? Come on lurkers, I know you're out there. Tell me.

You may have noticed a slight absence of something. That's right, my period. I noticed too. It's only CD30 which would be no big deal after a miscarriage, if it were not for the very early appearance of post-ovulatory symptoms (the can-I-leave-my-bra-on-please syndrome) this month. Either for some bizarre reason I had a progesterone surge before I ovulated, and ovulation was later than I thought (in which case, our timing wasn't as bad as I thought, but I imagine that progesterone would have worked like the mini-pill, so I won't be pregnant), or it's the longest luteal phase in my own personal history (in which case our timing was off, so again I won't be pregnant), or it was just being polite and waiting till my birthday (yesterday, we went to see Casablanca on the big screen) was over.

Anyway, I'm promised pancakes, so will go and remind someone of this.

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perceval said...

How annoying - you must feel like your body's toying with you.