Tuesday, February 13, 2007

PGS versus PGD

These two tend to get confused. PGS is supposed to check for aneuploidies but the latest evidence is that it does not decrease the rate of miscarriage. PGD is for a specific condition (in our case, possibly for balanced translocation) and there is some evidence that it does. I am sorely tempted to push for IVF whatever the outcome of our genetic tests but this little piece of research hopefully will help me keep my head.

Ovarian scan on Thursday. I know so little about this that I wasn't sure if it's vaginal, or not - Google wasn't my friend, so I rang the consultant's secretary, who nicely put me through to the US department, who told me it was "probably both" and I should turn up with a full bladder. Since the hour before will be spent getting there, by train and bus and a little walking, that's going to be fun.

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