Thursday, February 08, 2007

Perhaps the brain is functioning again

Although I'm tired today (partly because of odd dreams), I am actually enjoying a less-than-trashy novel the last couple of days, and felt quite accomplished at work today when I understood what was going on with my complicated spreadsheet (don't leave things for three years, is today's lesson).

I was right, you know - always nice to be vindicated - about the friends who have been trying for just over a year. They finally got the GP to make an appointment (she's sent them away after 6 months - my friend is 37, I wish she'd told me, I would have sent her back to bully the GP). Chatting with her last night and my work friend who is now thinking of Guatemala instead of China (her husband is "too old") felt good. I shared with my friend today how I feel I either shock people ("is it actually possible to have that many miscarriages? weird or what?") or make them think we are mad ("surely they would have stopped trying by now") when I tell people, and how there are some people I probably won't tell, but she doesn't react either way. Both of them asked if we'd get NHS funding for any potential IVF but I strongly suspect it's not available for PGD even if it were available at my age*. And PGD doubles the cost.

Anyway - my dreams - first one, I dreamt I'd gone for my ovarian scan (next week) and had found out I was still pregnant. I woke up feeling happy, and realised it was a dream. Second one, I dreamt I'd gone for the scan and had found out I had an ectopic. I woke up terrified and it took me longer to come down from that. Then I dreamt I had gone back to the town I lived in in East Africa and had left loads of stuff there which they wanted me to sort out, including for some reason some old spectacles someone had given me to take out to give to people, which of course I hadn't been able to do, not having any optometry training (people do have the strangest ideas about what is useable in developing countries - or at least, what is easily distributable and the best ways to distribute it. Oxfam, folks. They know what they're doing). Don't think that one was pregnancy related.

*Just looked up on our NHS trust's website - they have a contract with a hospital to do their IVF, as there's none in the area, but it's one that doesn't do PGD.

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Thalia said...

I don't know what the criteria would be, but surely if you are medically indicated for PGD your NHS trust would have to pony up and send you to a hospital which does it? Or am I being very ignorant and wishful thinking?

Glad to hear you're coping with a non-trashy book. I'm reading Harry Potter again so I have no moral high ground on this at all.