Monday, February 27, 2006

Worth waiting for...

Mr Spouse's swimmy things are swimming in the right direction, at the right speed, and there are plenty of them, and they are all beautiful.

And all my hormones are lovely too. I'm going to ask about the clotting factor-that-is-too-high

Just need to find out if I'm all OK inside... wimpishly I'm busy sending round mass emails asking for prayer support for my op... and reading about other people's lap & dye's and cowering. But I am also getting in the novels, knitting, and DVDs.

I am also trying to reassure myself that, even if they find no endo, the procedure seems to clear some people out in some odd, unexplained way.


DD said...

Isn't it funny how answers lead to more questions? I hope the endo provides more answers THAN questions.

perceval said...

well, my HSG may have cleared me out, but then I conceived roughly four months after it was done.

Novels and knitting are definitely a good strategy

will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

thalia said...

Oh I hope very hard it's not endo as there's so little you can do about it. Let's hope you're all clean and functioning. Don't forget something soothing to listen to while you recover from the op - I wasn't up to reading that day although I was fine the day after.