Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A guilty secret

I have got some clothes in the cupboards "in case I get pregnant". I have two pairs of trousers that were very expensive, which I bought in the summer sales with a jacket, wore for an interview in the autumn, kept for "best", and then lost so much weight I can't wear them again (the jacket went to charity a long time ago). Mainly I lost weight round my waist (7") and I think the last time I looked at them I was still assuming I'd get pregnant pretty quickly.

I also have two or three support vests/soft bras that I bought for wearing in bed. I am an F cup and got uncomfortable very fast. In fact, I am sometimes that uncomfortable in the last week of my cycle, but I just cannot bring myself to wear them while not pregnant. It was never worth buying them before I got pregnant because it doesn't happen every month and it's only a few days.

In other news - I told Mr Spouse about the boy sperm comment and his reply was "nah, they're all down the pub busy telling each other 'you don't want to go that way, it'll take you hours longer, take the A35 and that way you won't get caught up in the temporary traffic lights in Cleckhuddersfax, my mate tried that the other day, the trick is to turn off down the road just before B&Q, it looks like a cul-de-sac but in fact you can get out on to the dual carriageway'."

So there we have it. The real reason for male pattern infertility.


perceval said...

I got rid of all my baby books when we moved house - just too depressing. when i needed them again, some friends gave me the books i had given them back :)

Thalia said...

I love the MFI stuff, you and your husband are pretty funny.

I've got a whole suitcase of potential pregnancy clothes from when I lost weight up in the attic. They're probably full of moth holes by now...

Warriorwen said...

A friend had a baby recently. It's her fourth and I could tell she has had enough. She just seemed so drained. (I intend to call her and see how's she's doing since the birth. I say she's my friend, but I barely know her. So I need to summon a little courage to "check up" on how she's doing.)

In any case, she gave me her maternity clothes. Why? I suppose because I told her I had miscarried. I'm so glad I had the courage to tell her about it. Together we started calling them "good luck clothes." It feels a little weird to have them in my closet and it's why I'm writing on an anonymous blog about it rather than mentioning it to people.

Still, I guess where my mind really takes me with them is to the fact that she wanted to give them up and why.