Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I was typing that word earlier in a post on a board I read and thought "but they are supposed to be happy days". A year ago today I dashed to A&E with bleeding and we were reassured that all was OK, and went home hopeful - this was on the Tuesday, but for some reason today I'm thinking about the next day, when we saw the sac was empty on the scan.

Although I'm sad, I think the fact that I'm not fixated on the actual date means I'm not going to keep thinking about this in future years.

In other news: although I haven't got an actual letter through the post (rolling eyes sound effects) the gynae's secretary told me all my clotting tests were normal, apart from one which was "on the high end of normal". Having done a quick Google, I think this one is supposed to be high - but she will be contacting the haematologist so we will find out if that's the case, and also if it's linked to my migraines.

But for some reason the day 2 and day 21 tests weren't back yet - either that or the secretary couldn't find where she'd written about them - however, she said the gynae would call me. Not sure if I believe that!

Mr Spouse's turn to do something uncomfortable today - yes, you guessed it - the dreaded sample. We had one of those typical married arguments about which way to the pathology drop-off, and whether the directions we were given were wrong. My predicted result: "There are plenty of sperm and they can all swim but they are swimming round in circles, unwilling to ask for directions".


perceval said...

Good to hear that the clotting tests are normal! Any nice trips / treats planned for this year?

thalia said...

I think all boy sperm would fit that's hoping the rest of the tests are good news.

Warriorwen said...

Anniversaries can be really hard times, but sometimes they just go past without a notice.

Did you think really actively, "Oh, this is the anniversary?" Or did the feelings come up surprisingly when you noticed it?

DrSpouse said...

I was actually thinking the week before "the anniversary is coming up", but when the week itself came, I had to think which day was which, as on the Tuesday I was thinking about things that happened on the Tuesday the week before.

The other thing was that it was Ash Wednesday when we had the scan, and that's much later this year, so that may be how it becomes emotionally linked, as we went to a fairly full-on Ash Wednesday service that evening.