Saturday, January 07, 2006

Plans for the year

Last year at this time, I had already made several travel plans for the year: chaos ensued when I found out I was pregnant, had to make contingency plans, find out about travel insurance that would covere both pregnant me and diabetic Mr Spouse, and then re-make those plans after the miscarriage. I confirmed a conference I had been going to cancel, or rather, the conference organiser confirmed before I did, which was a bit irritating. And I cancelled a conference I was too worn out for, after I'd overdone it on one trip, which led to a snotty email from the organiser of that one, all about how this was clearly due to my bad planning, and he was going to "tell the committee". Happily for my professional reputation, I only told him part of what I thought of him in my reply...

And then we had a holiday planned to coincide with, and distract us from, my due date, cancelled a regular festival attendance when I would have been 38 weeks. All of this planned last minute, on the fly, to make up for things and "if this we'll do this, if that we'll do that".

This year, I've made out a list. Things we are going to do and when. Where we are going, pretty much planned till the end of the year, including where we might spend next Christmas.

We already had a nice night away (last night, in a Restaurant with Rooms we've been trying to go to for a while). And you know what?

It actually feels good to say "we may not get pregnant this year, but we will take advantage of being able to travel".

After that... I have no idea!


Thalia said...

Oh yes. We didn't travel nearly enough because we were waiting to see when I'd get pregnant HAHAHAHA. This year I say screw it and we're just planning lots of trips, but sadly still staying away from places with malaria. Oh well.

DrSpouse said...

I'm divided on malarial places - my work takes me there, but I haven't got any trips planned this year, and I've only had malaria twice, both when I hadn't been careful... and the only antimalarial I can take, is safe in pregnancy.

I think I'd probably keep to my previous thoughts, which were "not in first trimester".