Saturday, January 28, 2006

Messirs Boring, Boring and Boring, with a serving of Boring, and a side helping of Pain

Not too much of a surprise to get three negative tests in a row. But actually although my experiment has not thus far shown anything, it is true that my hypothesis was not that I’m conceiving every month, but that I’m conceiving every three to four months. So nothing disproved yet.

Also, I think it made me a bit more prepared for the inevitable, and nerdishly on time, bleeding: 12.03 am on CD29/CD1…

The pain, however, is definitely worse. I am really hoping in some way they find something to remove when I have the lap and dye, so that I can feel less pain, even if it doesn’t make any difference to the chances of conception. I’m still confused, though, why it’s so much worse since the miscarriage: if I do have endo, why haven’t I had it all these years? Why now? How come it was so easy to get pregnant the first time?

But at least I have my friendly neighbourhood drug dealer aka Mr Spouse.

Me: How many of these can I have?
Him: Ibuprofen? It’s 400mg. You can have ONE.
Me: Pleeese…. It hurts…
Him: No.
Me: Oh well. But remember to get some more when you go to the GP, OK.

Being diabetic has one compensation: free prescriptions. Which means topups of things we both use. But don’t tell the NHS. We pay enough taxes, I think, and at least I’m not taking the piss and getting free cotton wool, which they used to offer him – he prefers to use tissues for his fingers post-fingerprick…


thalia said...

You may still have endo even if you got pregnant easily the first time. It's numbers game. You know how to do probabilities, right? It's a probability with a low value that you'll get pregnant in any one month. That doesn't mean that it's impossible for you to get pregnant the first time, it's that on average it will take many tries to get pregnant.

Sorry that this month wasn't better news. How does Spouse feel about exubera?

perceval said...

Well, if you do have endo, I hope they'll catch it soon. Come to think of it, I had the HSG in late July, and got pregnant in late November - something to do with flashed tubes?

we shall never know.


DrSpouse said...

Perhaps I asked the wrong question: not, how did I get pregnant if I had endo, but rather, how do I have endo now (if I do) if I didn't before?

Because the symptoms (pain!) are so much stronger now than they ever were before the miscarriage... maybe they were as painful in a short, pre-ibuprofen, teenage time but people do say the teenage years are usually more painful anyway.