Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Odd, and annoying

I was kind of hoping this cycle would be quite long (well, you know, 40 weeks long but if not, maybe 29 or 30 days!) and the next one as my lap and dye is scheduled for what would be day 7 of a 28 day cycle; if it was, say, day 3 then (perhaps I'm being naive here) I might be Up For It as normal in the middle of that cycle.

But today's day 18 and already (in fact, yesterday) I've been getting post-ovulation breast tenderness. I'm supposed to have my day 21 progesterone test on Thursday (along with lots of clotting tests) and I'm assuming that a) the reason I get this every month is because I have plenty, in fact loads, of progesterone and b) the timing isn't that crucial. In fact, the gynae told me it wasn't - although I can't for the life of me remember if she told me what the day 21 test was for. But I may be suffering from source amnesia (where you know something, but don't know where you got the information from). I already know what the test is for, so didn't bother noting a new provider of that information...

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thalia said...

Day 21 test is definitely for progesterone, and it's supposed to be done approx a week after you ovulate, to make sure you have prog levels high enough to indicate that you ovulated. Only reason not to have it on day 21 is if you ovulated later than say day 18, as levels might not have risen enough. I had mine on approx day 24 and doc wasn't bothered.