Thursday, October 06, 2011

Not to do list...

We had a bit of a panic and a few cross words were exchanged last night. I think we just feel overwhelmed and this is preventing us from feeling excited. Today I feel a little bit excited, but mainly just knackered (I hadn't been sleeping well even before this) and very slightly less overwhelmed...

Today we needed to:
Send yet more money to Official Hague Person - check
Ask OHP if they need to contact the UK "central authority" now - check
Send forms to Nice Little Agency - check
Start to think about who to tell, and when
Panic about calling the expectant mother - double check
Thinking about asking the nursery at work what to do about a place that we may, or may not, need - check

However we will not be:
Telling more than immediate family (the list is less than 10 people, and does not include my boss, anyone on Facebook, thanks guys)
Telling work
Buying any baby stuff
Knitting any baby stuff

But I have to confess that I did look up what vacation spots there are within a few hours' drive of the city the baby will be born in...


Rachel said...

When do you talk to the expectant mom? Such a crazy experience. I kept checking in all day for an update!!

We didn't tell anyone but immediate family and two friends (like 6 people total). At some point I had to tell my boss because if you get a call that you have to fly somewhere to pick up a baby on a moment's notice, you need to not spring it on them. That being said, I didn't tell my boss until I was more certain and we were a week or two from the due date. We also bought nothing but a car seat. Things can be purchased where you pick the baby up or when they get home. Babies need surprisingly few things.

DrSpouse said...

Aww thanks Rachel!

We should speak tomorrow night (the time difference is not too unkind to us, though we love CA the time difference is a killer!). We have her number and can just call.

I am thinking we rent everything while we are there (travel could be weeks after the birth) and then buy when we get home.

Anonymous said...

Liking your excitement!