Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Dress spurs

They don't catch on the carpet but they do clank a lot.

Just one of many facts I learned today. Among these were:

Fashion goddesses  dress very boringly when meeting the Queen (black hat, black coat)

Well known  children's authors  have much more fun taste in hats (bright red cloche)

My dad is probably the only person on Britain who can sit next to a  national treasure and not talk to him, but say he looked "familiar".

Someone, somewhere is making a lot of money off gold braid.

The string section of the band of the Welsh Guards does a nice line in show tunes.

Even important people don't get tea at the Palace.

You can't walk out of Buckingham Palace when they are changing the Guard.

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Anonymous said...

Your dad made me laugh my head off. Bless the man.