Monday, October 10, 2011


Hopefully this list will be useful before too long (yes it has a lot on it, and since we won't take most stuff home from our travels, I am going to look into renting, but as a point to start from...)

And Thalia, that is a really really kind offer of baby stuff. We have a friend about an hour away who says she has a lot of stuff in her attic. Her daughter is 11 so some of it will be a) girl specific (not too much, knowing her, though) b) not up to current health and safety standards or c) a bit mouldy. I am thinking I will let her know when we are coming home and ask to come and pick up most stuff at that point (or, if she's feeling generous, ask her to come and deliver it!).

I know your stuff will be more recent and will include boy stuff (or let's say, more non-girl stuff, and I also know you won't have too many mini soldier outfits - previous observation has indicated though that Next is the only shop with unisex baby clothes, please, why??? Is it so I have to knit or sew everything? Because crafting is definitely going to go by the wayside, and my mum doesn't know how to sew knits or to knit anything other than Norwegian sweaters). So I will definitely get back to you on that one, cheers m'dear.

Oh I forgot - we did talk to the expectant mom - we rang on Friday evening, she answered straight away and knew who we were (well doh, is another random British stranger going to be calling her!) but it wasn't convenient to talk so we rang back (at quite a late hour - and that's why I forgot to say - because the next day I went to Blackpool with 8 of my Brownies and 9000 others (and some rather scared looking non-Guiding families who were also there), so that kind of put it out of my mind.

Anyway, the chat was, well, awkward, but not too bad. Hard to know. We were all polite but I felt a bit like I was gabbing and grilling her. We'll call back next week, we think she suggested Saturday but we aren't quite sure if our collective memory is correct.


Whatshername's Mummy said...


I recommend shopping while you're over there - in 'Kids Place' but especially 'Gymboree'. Gymboree does fabulous clothes whatever flavour you end up with, and there are also lots of Gs at the outlet malls - well worth tracking down. Good value, long lasting and I like the styles!

DrSpouse said...

Well, as I said, we won't take much stuff home...

Twangypearl the Elastic Girl said...

Good on you, grappling with practicalities. Baby stuff! BLIMEY - exciting times!

(I sympathise on the phone conversation with the birth mother. I am not fond of the phone at the best of times, and yes, such a call is bound to be tricky. Early days, eh?)