Thursday, February 12, 2009

It was like that when I found it

It wasn't me.
It fell off in my hand.
A big boy did it and ran away.

They say a bad workman blames his tools but I have concluded that my Persona meter is, indeed, not working, or at least, not working for me and not working at the moment. Ye olde trusty boobometer indicated yesterday that I have definitely, positively, ovulated this month, when I cannot say, but some time before yesterday. So forge ahead with the Prometrium.

I have discovered a very helpful truth:

Bloggers are the best, and sometimes, the only, source of accurate medical information.

Before using my new tablets, I recalled the doctor's instruction to "pierce them with a needle". A quick Google for name of medication, pessary, and needle brought up:

Barren Mare
A Little Pregnant
and, well, me - in the first 10 results. Barren Mare is first.

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