Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First I was afraid, I was petrified...

OK that isn't too relevant to the post but it's been running round my head and so I thought I'd give you lovely people the chance to have an earworm too.

Well, anyway, I did survive - my first ever baby shower. We go to a wine tasting group once a month and one couple are expecting their first baby and the organiser suggested we combine the events. Not exactly something to look forward to, though I do enjoy the wine tastings, and it was pointed out to me by Mr. Spouse and others that the large number of men there meant there would be less cooing and oohing and ahing than there might have been. We knew there would be no silly games; the setup was that anyone wanting to give a gift would place it in a basket near the door and they would be opened late in the evening, probably after all the wines had been tasted and discussed. I planned to remember an urgent appointment with my pillow at that point.

Unfortunately there were a lot of wines and the gift opening ended up being about halfway through the evening - but happily the living area of the house we were in is split and I took myself away to the other area. I was at that point handed a baby (not your usual wine tasting guest, I know). This is the 8 week old baby of the friend who had several miscarriages and a very difficult pregnancy - this baby was only in the NICU for 3 days, his older brother having been in for about 10 I think. My friend is very matter of fact, just glad to have him home and happy for others to gush or not as they wish. I handed him quickly to Mr Spouse (only one person said, ooh, look, he's being a daddy) and got another glass of wine.

The most annoying person was a loud woman who was holding the baby after this and going on and on about how lovely he was and wouldn't we all like to take him home?

So thankfully I think that will also be my last baby shower, at least for the foreseeable future. As Thalia says, these are rare in the UK. The pattern in my office is for contributions to a single - solicited - gift to be sought, but no pressure (and I'm not sure we got one for the adoptive parents, which is a huge oversight), basically drop in to the office and give money if you want - the gift is usually given before the birth (though all our recent office births have been late!) in the office, in a simple five minute chat session. I think I've given money once and avoided all presentations, and no-one has complained. I've never heard of anyone having any kind of pre-baby party, though the lack of gift registers does mean new parents end up with a lot of, er, gorgeous and immensely, er, practical white lace handknit acrylic cardigans, and not many sterilisers.

In other news - hello progesterone supplements - I thought you were supposed to PREVENT spotting. Last month I had some about day 26 which a) does occasionally happen anyway (only about 1 month in 6 though) and b) I strongly suspect was related to the dye and messing around in my insides. However today is only day 24 and it's my 3rd day of spotting. I am slightly afraid that I did ovulate very very early this month (as per only hint of LH on monitor sticks) and said insides think it's time to get on with bleeding, but are being prevented. I've never ovulated that early before, but of course I am now getting Offically Very Old.

On that note, I'm going to Disneyland tomorrow.

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