Friday, September 12, 2008

HOW much?

My GP's surgery in the UK wants £98 to write a letter about my medical history. Nearly $200. In advance, natch. If I was sure this would get me on to the plan I originally applied for, it would be worth it, as the secondary plan is about $200 per month more than the original plan. The benefits are similar (I'd rather have Better Plan from Other Company which is the same as the secondary plan in price but more extensive in coverage, but doubt I'd be accepted for that if I wasn't accepted for First Plan).

The receptionist was really snooty in her email, too, basically telling me there was no point in bothering (how does she know? has she tried?).


CappyPrincess said...

Wow. And I thought dealing with Doctor offices in the US was bad. At least they don't charge for reports - they just sit on them for weeks at a time.

Good luck with everything.


Sarah V. said...

Cappyprincess: If your doctor isn't specifically charging for this sort of thing, then the costs are probably absorbed into whatever they charge overall for their services. I can promise you that if they do that kind of thing they are getting some kind of recompense, somewhere, and are not just doing it because they love spending extra time on dull paperwork so much.