Monday, September 22, 2008

Family group

We decided to explore on Saturday by taking a walk with a Sierra Club local chapter. We don't have an exact equivalent in the UK but the Ramblers are close. I had been in contact somehow with the Sierra Club before (to be honest, I don't think I ever went on any walks with them - I wonder if a friend was a member or something) and my impression was they were younger and more environmentally active than the Ramblers. Their list of local walks is quite similar though - some that are very much too long and hilly for us, and some that are weekday daytime, implying they have some retired and very active members.

This was a 3-mile stroll through some local canyons, though, followed by a short history tour - perfect. Except when we got there we found it was actually a walk of the Singles group! So, not exactly appropriate for this married couple. We were even asked (jokingly, we hope) to tell people if anyone there was married "to avoid misunderstandings". Though not having immediately and publicly come out as married may not be the only reason someone asked Mr Spouse if I was his daughter. I suppose I should be flattered I look young... But normally people say he looks young too.

The local Sierra Club chapter has a "20s-30s singles" group and this, more general, singles group. I suspect the 20s-30s is stretched a bit, unless there are actually no members at all in their 40s, as I was by far the youngest person in this particular group. Then it has a family group. I am not entirely sure if there are walks that are not associated with a particular sub-group. It seems that once one is married or attached, particularly if one is in ones 40s, one is supposed to have a family. Unless their definition of "family" means "partner and self", this means one is supposed to have children.

I am wondering, however, if the family group might not suit us anyway. Less likely to be walking really far, more likely to be walking at weekends, and more likely to be our age(s). If I were single I might try and muscle in on the 20s-30s group and if it were just Mr Spouse I think they'd probably think he was weird if he wanted to go to the family group, but a childless couple might be welcome. But I'm not completely sure about that - when I was in my 30s and Mr Spouse was in his 40s we were told we couldn't go to the (non-singles) 20s/30s Ramblers group locally because he was too old. Although people's kids (under 20) were allowed...

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