Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Seven weird things

Okay, I'll do it!

  1. I can speak pretty fluent Swahili (though it's not as good as it used to be)
  2. I play the bassoon. Though rarely these days.
  3. I once moved 4 times in a year, and three of the moves were between continents, the fourth being across a whole continent
  4. I used to live next door to someone who was on Big Brother 1 - after she was famous. She was actually pretty nice. She had a housewarming party and no slebs were invited - only her real friends.
  5. As a child, I went to a nursery in a foreign country but only picked up my colours, numbers, and the phrase "That's mine".
  6. I'm not allergic to anything except penicillin - but at one point when I was a child we thought I was allergic to marinated artichoke. We couldn't think of anything else I'd never eaten before, and I'd even had steamed artichoke. But I think it was a red herring and I had in fact been in contact with some poison oak*
  7. As it's late, I'm going to say, I need a ridiculous amount of sleep - I could probably sleep for 10 hours a night if I had the time to do it, even when not pregnant. So I'm going to go and do that now.
I guess if I have to tag three people... er... people who haven't been tagged, and aren't about to give birth... well, I don't know for sure if they have been but I tag Geohde, Becky and Perceval (let me know in comments if you read that you are tagged and/or did it already, but I'll try and remember to tell you in your comments!)

*nasty plant growing in US West, for my UK readers


Geohde said...


I'm still working on a seven things post from when Mz Topcat tagged me, but I will re-invigorate my neurones and do my best :)


May said...

Swahili? How cool!

H can play the bassoon. It lives in the study, most of the time, under the electronic keyboard.

Thanks for playing!

TeamWinks said...

Seriously? Swahili? That's impressive!

I will do my best to do this tomorrow. Hmm...better start thinking!

missedconceptions said...

"That's mine" is an essential phrase in nursery school, isn't it?

I am impressed with the Swahili, too.
I just struggle with French and German. Sad.