Sunday, September 16, 2007

How to try to get pregnant

  1. Go to the south of France
  2. Drink lots of wine
  3. Ditto coffee
  4. And Diet Coke
  5. Eat lots of unpasteurised cheese
  6. Sit in smoky cafés
  7. Climb some steep hills
  8. Get dehydrated and spend lots of time obsessing over mucus*
  9. Don't wear very many clothes
  10. Spend lots of time in bed with your husband

I think the only things I've missed are blue cheese and paté.

*I've been having a protracted online argument with a rabid RC type (male of course) over whether natural family planning, relying on identifying mucus production, works because you can't get pregnant if you don't have fertile mucus, and therefore anyone who thinks they have didn't know how to recognise it, or whether it doesn't work because for a lot of people all they get are patches for a day or two, followed by a long, but fertile, gap.

PS I know I've been tagged by May - will do that when I get my breath back.


Thalia said...

sounds perfect to me, did you throw in the raw meat and seafood as well?

Hope it was fun.

DrSpouse said...

Ooh, I forgot the seafood! No steak tartare though - bleugh.

Geohde said...

Personally, I find beer and sushi worked (well at least once).

I've tried it since, to no avail!

May said...

You forgot the peanut butter and three cans of tuna a week.

But the holiday sounds enviably nice. Mmmm, cheese.

Ah, yes, mucous. PCOS equals CONSTANT 'fertile' (ah ha ha ha hah) mucus. So, that helps.

Looking forward to the seven weird things, but, really, breathing definitely more important.

littletadpole said...

NFP only works if you have a regular schedule, few broken nights, AND track all possible sources of symptoms AND allow for colds and sundry.