Friday, September 28, 2007

No nothing

Here we have:
No pregnancies, ongoing or otherwise (so Vivien is quite safe here)

No trying to get pregnant, either - Mr Spouse has decided that we will be OK using Persona-as-it-was-intended for the next month. We'll see how he feels after 10 red days...

No foster carer preparation course (it starts before we go away to Foreign Parts but we wouldn't finish it)

No social worker (she was supposed to come round and check our forms, but got held up at work - not complaining - but she didn't call - I think this is common - still, they aren't as bad as workmen, eh?)

No actual tears, yet, but they may be triggered by either my neighbour/workmate bringing her sick baby in to the office as she can't go to nursery and there's a big job on at the moment or the thought that our lovely family house that was supposed to have nappies in the airing cupboard and a new loo under the stairs when they grew into bathroom-hogging teenagers, may never see children, if my pending job application goes anywhere.


Geohde said...

Oh, I'm sorry that things seem kind of bleak for you.

I truly am.

take care,



Vivien said...

Feeling safe here!

Here's an interesting fact - I was involved in the pre-release trials of the Persona system before it was released on public sale. Oh those happy days when we were actively trying to avoid pregnancy!

I know just how you feel about those 9 eggs, and it's kind of why I have never quite brought myself to go back to actively avoiding pregnancy even in all that is happening in my life.