Tuesday, May 29, 2007

No scan today

I just rang the hospital and the nurse said that given how little blood, and that it's brown, it's extremely likely my cervix is closed, though I can come in, or go to my local A&E, to have it checked, but they won't scan me today since I have one booked for Friday. I don't think they are that full up but it actually saves me a decision - I was wimping out of going to potentially bad news on my own, and now I'll still be going with my mum holding my hand.

It is 90 minutes either to drive (and it's not a very straightforward journey) or on two trains and a bus so given the choice between sitting with my feet up mocking my students' exam answers/watching trashy TV, and taking a long and stressful journey, I am fairly happy to have the decision made for me, and to do the latter. Hopefully Sprout will thank me for it.


perceval said...

Just keep us posted on Friday, will you?

Thalia said...

good to hear they aren't that concerned and you seem pretty calm, also. Any update on beigy stuff?

Hope youre having a good afternoon with trash telly. I always find it really hard to find something which is sufficiently un-trashy to enjoy while also not simply distractign from whatever I am officially doing.