Sunday, April 29, 2007

Scared, nervous, petrified, worried...

all of them... All I can believe, really, is that I'm going to miscarry - Mr. Spouse alternates between denial (la, la, la) and saying "When you get big...". I'm still going to the loo 20 times a day, ten of them hormone related (what on earth would it be like if I had anything to put pressure on my bladder??!) and the other ten due to panicky knicker-checking. I still feel slightly nauseous some of the time, seem to have a heightened sense of smell, and have huge, painful boobs and some cramps. I'm terrified of:

exercise (last time I carried on jogging, but I've stopped this time, and I'm not sure about cycling or digging in the garden either, so I'm copping out)
stress at work (I'm sorely tempted to skive Monday and Tuesday, too, although I have meetings on Weds and Thurs)
sex (which hasn't been helped by having fairly low levels of lubrication, for some reason - I thought progesterone was supposed to increase this).
going too far from home (I think I only managed on Friday because I was already out of the house to go to the hospital)
food (I am not very well-informed on what is and isn't safe so spent ages in the supermarket agonising over some non-rinded goats' cheese which I'm pretty sure is OK)
drugs and even vitamins (I thought I should get some Omega-3 but the pregnancy ones came in huge, three-month, vastly expensive packets, so I thought of getting some non-pregnancy fish oils, and then panicked that they would be dangerous, so didn't get anything)
planning anything too far ahead (we are supposed to be booking our summer holidays - but have no idea what we will want to do or where we will want to go)

Basically I'm just terrified. I am assuming that, although I didn't miscarry on my own during the first pregnancy, I have turned into someone who does miscarry on their own. So I am just assuming I'm going to bleed before Friday, rather than have bad news on Friday (of course, I can't imagine I'll have good news on Friday). I'm sure it doesn't feel like this if you are a recurrent miscarrier who doesn't miscarry on their own, but I can't help feeling it would be better if a) I could go to the loo in peace, and less often and b) there was some chance they could do an ERPC and therefore a chromosomal analysis.


perceval said...

I'll be online all afternoon if you need to let off steam ...

Thalia said...

Oh it's so hard, Dr S, hang in there!

Re cheese, I am paranoid, too. The answer is that any soft cheese is dubious, even if pasteurised and definitely if rinded. So not sure what to tell you about un-rinded stuff.

Re the omegas, the risk is additional mercury. You must avoid cod liver oil, as you know, but omegas from a reputable source (eg higher nature) should be fine. Also, there's not that much risk getting the pregnancy ones as they're pretty good for you whether you are pregnant or not.

Hang in there.