Monday, April 23, 2007

Feast or famine

That's what it's like on this blog. I feel like I should post often as I might not get many opportunities to post-while-pregnant, just to annoy people.

Cramps: there are three kinds in my world.

Period pains: continual, more or less, and only start after the bleeding. Dull, achey, require painkillers.
Period-related-cramps: similar to period pains, but not continuous. Also dull, achey, and require painkillers. Occur before or during a period. Don't usually occur more than 2 or 3 days before a period.
Pregnancy-related-cramps: sharper, less painful, more like having a stitch in your side. Can also be felt in groin area. Can occur before a pregnancy but can also occur up to 7 days before a period. I don't think I've ever had them in a cycle when I couldn't have possibly been pregnant, and I also never got them before I was pregnant the first time, so I've put them down to either a) unsuccessful implantation or b) a now-slightly-stretched uterus reacting to progesterone.

I've been having type 2 (dull, achey) since about Thursday, but now type 3 (sharper, less painful) have kicked in too, and the proportion is increasing. So I'm in less pain and slightly less anxious that this is ending right now. The last couple of times I had no cramps in warning, only after bleeding, anyway.

Rang nurse. No-one there. Does this sound familiar? If I don't get an answer by about 4 p.m. I'll check with their admin office that she's actually in this week. I would quite like to know if they have any cramp-related advice. Or work-related advice. Or anything really. Interim compromise on the work trip is that I go, but drive myself so I can come home if I need to (I was planning on sharing a lift). Mr. Spouse suggested giving work the heads-up today but I'm not sure if I should tell them "not very well, waiting to hear back from hospital about whether they want to see me/me to go to bed" or wait till I do hear. Writing it down, I think possibly the former.

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perceval said...

I don't have any advice or assvice - I'm thinking of you here.